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2017 Events 

11 January (Wed)               Club night (provide supper)  (Completed)

29 January (Sun)                 Picnic Run with B Register  (Completed)

24 February (Sat)                Sundowner Run (Completed)

27 May (Sat)                      F.A.B. Combined Register Run  (Completed)

17 June (Sat)                      Winter Solstice Run (Completed)

20 August (Sun)                 Daffodil Run (Completed)

7-8 September (Thu-Fri)    Tour to Gathering of the Faithful (Wagga) (Completed)

8-10 September (Fri-Sun)   Event Gathering of the Faithful (Wagga) Photos Here 

11 October (Wed)               Club night with A&B Reg Supper  (Completed)

17 November (Fri)                 AGM with B Register Booking Form Here

2018 Events 

26 January (Fri)                   Club Australia Day Picnic Run with B Register (Rob Roy) (Details TBA)

17 March (Sat)                    Sundowner Run (Details TBA)

27 May (Sun)                      F.A.B. Run (A Reg organising) (Details TBA)

13 June (Wed)                    Club night (provide supper) (Details TBA)

16 June (Sat)                       Winter Solstice Run (Details TBA)

6-9 September (Fri-Sun)     Tour to G.O.F. (Wagga) (Details TBA) 

09 September (Sun)            Daffodil Run (Details TBA)

10 October (Wed)              Club Night (with B Reg Supper) (Details TBA)

21 October (Sun)               FZM Reg “On Duty” Comp event Avalon Khanacross (Details TBA)

16 November (Fri)              AGM (with B Register) (Details TBA)

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