Modern Register Index - Engine number order

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Chassis No. Engine No. Reg No. Owner
024583(unknown)ATD 115Bradford, Dallas
061755(unknown)PJ 4500Jusep, Peter
051487(unknown)1OE 8RVThatcher, Kaye
122835(unknown)AUX 358Magilton, Walter
011636(unknown)1OG 3MIBilston, Ron
021709(unknown)1NL 3BHUnknown,
08529318K4GF0200026861IG 3XHClough, Russell
01179018K4GF020002783MG6GTLoxton, Steve
01150518K4GF020003111(unknown)Baker, Stewart
045430139549AF 5130018MYMG3Baker, Natalie

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