MGZR Register Index - Engine number order

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Chassis No. Engine No. Reg No. Owner
020474(unknown)Racing CarHolmes, Jason
800278(unknown)ZR 160Magilton, Walter
800291(unknown)MG 1276Rae, Douglas
800318(unknown)MG 870Reeves, Louise
800540(unknown)MGC 003Foldhazy, Stephen
799988(unknown)MGZR 04Mason, Bob
799990(unknown)ZR 2005Hodgson, Fran
789945(unknown)MGZR 03Coulson, Peter
625217(unknown)Racing CarHolmes, Jason
646795(unknown)Racing CarHolmes, Jason
797561(unknown)MG 026Kirk, Jan
800543(unknown)MG 255Baragwanath, Matthew
68689814K4FN 63560826XNK 665Coon Family,
80053618K4KN30172121MGZ 04Wasley, Ken
71886818K4KN 30105796MGZR 8Somerville, Leslie
80015018K4KN 30174706MGZR 05Selton, Geoff
80015718K4KN 30175216SGW 91Wasley, Sarah
80015518K4KN 30175217MG ZRWasley, Ken

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